Virtual Tutoring Continues for the 21/22 School Year!

When schools and libraries closed back in March 2020, I had to switch my tutoring to virtual using Google Meets or Zoom for tutoring. Because of some high-risk family members, I am choosing to do only virtual tutoring from now onI I have been tutoring ages 4-17 virtually and it’s gone extremely well! The good news is that I can now offer to students around the world! Please contact me for more information at jkanttila119@gmail.com or call me at (720) 505-3247!

Where in the World Summer Tutoring Project!

Well, I’m back finally; I probably have only one follower now since I haven’t posted in over a year or more! What happened? Covid, family issues and health stuff with both my husband and myself….including getting Covid…ugh! But through it all, I’ve still been tutoring! I switched to virtual tutoring once Covid started and even … Continue reading “Where in the World Summer Tutoring Project!”

A Bittersweet Ending of a School Year and More Amazing Remote Teaching!

The school year is at an end, and I don’t think anyone who works in education will ever forget the 2019-2020 year! Once again, I have been in awe of all of I have seen school staff and teachers doing to make the end of the year as special and meaningful as they could, so … Continue reading “A Bittersweet Ending of a School Year and More Amazing Remote Teaching!”

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