Where in the World Summer Tutoring Project!

Well, I’m back finally; I probably have only one follower now since I haven’t posted in over a year or more! What happened? Covid, family issues and health stuff with both my husband and myself….including getting Covid…ugh!

But through it all, I’ve still been tutoring! I switched to virtual tutoring once Covid started and even when it started getting safer, I decided to continue doing only virtual. It’s gone so well and I have created or found so many resources online to use virtually! In future posts I will have so much to share about virtual resources (that can also be used in the classroom), but I first want to tell you about the huge summer project I’m doing with all my students…grades 2-5!

The project is based on the first set of Boom Cards I created to sell (it’s also in a Google Slides version), Where in the World...it’s a geography game to help students learn about places in the world. I LOVE traveling and taking photos, so I decided to use my photos for the Boom Cards; I figured that would be better than the photos just sitting in my laptop doing nothing!

To start with, I had each student do the game to give them ideas on where they might want to travel. My students have chosen Paris, Hawaii, Rome, Disney World, and Seattle! (Just one place for each student!) I then have them answer the following questions on their Travel Planning document:

Where will you travel to?

Why do you want to go there?

Who is coming with you?

Once they’ve answered those, it’s time to start researching the flight cost (or road trip cost), accommodations, sightseeing, food, souvenirs, etc. I created a Google Slide show for each of the locations that are in the Where in the World Boom Cards/Google Slides with resources to help them plan their trip. The resources include ELA, math and other learning activities. Reading a-z, Newsela, Time for Kids, Hoopla, Readworks, Mr Nussbaum and Teachers Pay Teachers are some of the resources I’ve found with information on the travel destinations. This HUGE slide show will soon be available on TpT!

I’ve also created more Boom Cards with math problems based on their travel destinations. I differentiate the Boom Cards depending on the age of the student. These math “tours” are available on Teachers Pay Teachers and the Boom Learning store!

Besides Boom Cards being awesome for virtual tutoring…so are Google Jamboards! I use them for everything (upcoming blog post on this topic!). My students are using these for taking notes on their research. They can use “sticky notes” for their text and add photos of the places they want to go!

After the students have their trip planned, they will create a multimedia presentation on their trip! photoshop photos of the students into their destinations so they can add the photos into their presentations and will share samples of the students’ presentations in a future blog!

Soooo….that’s what we’re doing this summer! Questions, thoughts, comments? Go down below!!!! Thanks for reading!

Author: Jan Anttila

I recently retired after 25 years of teaching (yay!) I started my own tutoring and consulting business and am now anxious to share my passion for teaching and many lessons, projects and activities I did with my students over the years, as well my current practices for tutoring.

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