About Me

The Mother of Cats has returned home!

Hey everybody! I am a recently retired teacher after working in the education field for 25 years (with about 6 years off to have two amazing daughters and be a Mom).  I did so many different kinds of work during those years (and this list makes me exhausted!)

  • High school Language Arts teacher…classes ranged from remedial to Honors English
  • 5th/6th multi-age classroom teacher
  • Teacher Mentor/Coach and staff developer
  • District and school literacy specialist
  • Response to Intervention Teacher
  • Gifted and Talented Facilitator
  • Online high school Language Arts teacher
  • University instructor in the Master’s Teacher Education program

Whew…if you are an educator then you can imagine how exhausted I was for many years… and how excited I was to retire!  However, I am NOT done with teaching!  I started my own education business during my last year of teaching, doing both tutoring and consulting.  The tutoring side has been going gangbusters, with many of the students tutor the children of former colleagues (if you are a teacher/parent, then you KNOW how hard it is to try to help your own kids with school stuff!). I am now anxious to start expanding my business and to start this blog to share teaching tips and ideas, as well as share what I am currently doing with my tutoring students.


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