Educational Consulting Information

I am available in the Denver Metro area (other locations negotiable) to offer consulting and/or coaching on a variety of topics; see below! You can contact me at (720) 505-3247 or

Literacy and Math:

  • Strategies and interventions for students who struggle in reading, writing or math
  • Authentic and Balanced assessment
  • Progress monitoring students in reading, writing, and math
  • Best practices in teaching literacy:
    • Guided reading, writing, and math
    • Independent Learning Activities (centers and stations)
    • Interactive writing
    • Modeled writing
    • Read aloud with a purpose
    • Shared reading
    • Literacy-Rich Environment

21st Century Teaching and Learning:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Implementing Genius Hour or Passion Projects in your classroom
  • 21st-century technology tools in the classroom
  • Backwards Design

General Education:

  • Growth Mindset in the Classroom: “Use the Force, Luke”
  • Identifying and serving gifted and talented and high achieving students
  • Social-emotional needs of gifted students
  • New teacher coaching and mentoring
  • Making learning FUN…whether your students are kids or adults!
  • Tutoring best practices

Consulting Rates:

  • $60 an hour for both preparation and presentation or coaching time. Minimum charge is $200.


  • I have had the fortunate opportunity to observe Jan in a variety of positions: Classroom Teacher, Building Resource Teacher, Literacy Specialist, Staff Developer, Mentor, RtI Coordinator, 504 Coordinator, Data Diagnostician, Coach, University Instructor, CBLA Liaison, Leadership Team Member, Reading Intervention Coordinator, Conference Presenter…and the list could go on! What is even more impressive is that her ability to meet this multitude of responsibilities is nothing less than exemplary! Jan is the kind of individual who holds herself at an extremely high standard when it comes to support and follow through. David Ray, former supervisor and current Douglas County Schools Board of Education President
  • Jan is an incredible and intelligent individual. She holds high, attainable expectations for teachers and students she comes into contact with, allowing them to succeed and strive to become better learners. Also, Jan is a continuous learner and seeks new, researched-based information and curricula that she uses to advance students or adult learners. As an example, Jan led her 4th and 6th-grade RtI students through project-based lessons. During these lessons, her students, only using her as a facilitator, developed Apps, created solutions to domestic problems, and developed passion projects. Ryan Craven, Ed.D and former supervisor
  • As a district leader, Jan facilitated LIFT trainings for schools across the entire district. This required a tremendous amount of research, planning, and organization. She is a captivating and creative soul, and she makes training purposeful and enjoyable. – Jessica Simmons, Professional Learning Specialist and Gifted and Talented Facilitator, Douglas County School District
  • In her years as the district’s LIFT (Literacy Instructional Framework for Teaching) Coordinator, Jan facilitated many excellent trainings; her energetic, credible presentations and common sense approach have made her an outstanding adult learning facilitator and an invaluable contributor. Jan constantly seeks out the latest technology resources and models their use in a way that makes it feel doable and desirable for teachers. – Ann Herrell, former Building Resource Teacher, Douglas County School District
  • She is a life-long learner and is determined to learn all she can to provide the best leadership, instruction, and advice to the many who seek her out. She is an expert teacher trainer who can inspire and lead teachers into 21st-century thinking, planning, and instruction.Virginia Stafford, 6th-grade teacher at Mammoth Heights
  • Jan was an amazing resource for our school. She came in and presented to our entire staff last spring to introduce Growth Mindset to us. Jan introduced the idea that when students believe they can get smarter, they put in a better effort. More effort results in higher achievement. Because of Jan’s highly effective presentation, I began talking with my students about growth mindset, and the results were amazing – effort improved, engagement jumped, and test scores soared. Jan was so effective in her presentation that we have decided to make it our school-wide focus this year! I can’t wait to have her back to continue to share her ideas of how to implement a growth mindset into our classrooms. – Wendy Pieseski, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, North Star Academy
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